Service Requests

The below services are provided for areas within the Summerville town limits only. If you are unsure if the address you are reporting is in the town limits review the town streets list. If the address is on the streets list, it is in town. If the address is not on the streets list, it in not in the Summerville town limits.

  Storm Water Department Service Request


The Storm Water Department is responsible for the maintenance of the Town's storm water systems from the smallest drainage ditch to the Sawmill Branch Canal, which is eight miles long. The Storm Water Department is also responsible for the installation of pipe and other drainage appurtenances.

  Street Department Service Request


The Street Department is responsible for keeping town roads in good repair, street sweeping, installing and replacing sidewalks, removing deceased animals from the roadways and special projects, such as installing new sidewalks.

  Yard Debris Collection Service Request

The Town of Summerville will only pick up yard debris if it is in an open pile or bagged in recyclable paper bags and tree limbs that are no longer than four feet.
Boards, wood and/or plastic cannot be mixed in with yard debris. If these items are included in yard debris piles it will not be picked up.
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